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cleaning & housekeeping

We take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of your property with the help of our trusted housekeeping experts, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable experience for your guests.

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fully managed service across multiple listing platforms

local, trusted cleaners

By choosing Bee My Guest to manage your property you are taking advantage of our excellent relationship with local trusted cleaners.

Between guests, the cleaning will need to be thorough and timely to ensure the turnover of guests happens smoothly and that issues can be flagged to the maintenance team as soon as they become apparent.

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Management Fees From only 10%
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clean as a whistle

Our experienced cleaners will meticulously clean every part of the property leaving it perfectly clean and presentable for the next guests’ arrival. There will of course be varying levels of tidying depending on the guests, we will remain in dialogue with the guests so they appreciate the importance of respect for your property and ensure the cleaning team are able to carry out their work as soon as they arrive at the property.

Attention to detail is a must in this industry, we will ensure you retain perfect scores for your property cleanliness and pay our cleaning teams well to reflect their hard work.

fresh linen & towels

Bee My Guest can also provide a comprehensive service of linen and towel services whilst
also offering a more cost-effective method of laundry instead, whereby the client provides all linen and towels and the cleaning team replaces these with a clean set when visiting the property for the next guest changeover.

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Management Fees From only 10%
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deep cleaning

Should you require a deep clean at the start or end of an existing tenancy or with other properties in your portfolio we are able to supply cleaners and removal team to assist you, make use of our network of trusted partners as a client.

We appreciate that every situation is different so we are able to tailor solutions to your individual needs and budget.

3 Reasons to Choose Bee My Guest

effective property managers

We are seasoned experts in managing rental properties. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we know the ins and outs of effective property management.

on-hand 24/7

We pride ourselves on being available around the clock for our landlords. With a dedicated team always on-hand 24/7, you & your guests can count on us to be there whenever you need assistance or support.

solutions for everything

Over the years, we have cultivated strong relationships with skilled professionals across various trades from plumbers to electricians, to tackle any issues that arise with your property.

full property management in London

We take care of everything, so you can concentrate on your core goals. Our services cover everything from creating and optimising listings to pricing strategies, guest communication, and property management. We customise our approach to suit your specific property and objectives, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


Crafting detailed property descriptions is one of our core strengths. We understand the importance of presenting your property in the best possible light to attract potential tenants.

See how we optimise listings and pricings.

Ensuring optimal pricing and minimal vacancy periods is our priority. By analysing current trends, local demand, and comparable properties, we determine the ideal rental price for your property.

With our dynamic marketing strategy and multi-platform approach, we aim to keep your property’s calendar consistently filled.

We treat every property in our portfolio with equal focus and dedication, whether it’s under our full management or taken care of while you’re away for the weekend. Our commitment to providing exceptional service remains consistent for all properties.


Ensuring the safety of our clients’ properties and the satisfaction of our guests are our top priorities. To guarantee a positive experience for all, we have implemented a rigorous guest vetting process before accepting any bookings.

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and secure experience for all our guests, we have established a stringent verification process, this ensures that we are dealing with genuine and verified individuals, safeguarding both our property owners and guests alike.

Bee My Guest offers 24/7 support, ensuring hassle-free short-term rental management. From guest check-in to communication and reviews, we handle it all for short to long-term partners. Personalised service and guest satisfaction play a key role in what we offer.

Our meet-and-greet service ensures personalised guest interactions, showcasing amenities at their convenience. With a 24/7 support team based in central London, we promptly assist guests, making them feel valued and satisfied.

solutions for

Choose Bee My Guest for property management with excellent local cleaners. Thorough and timely cleaning between guests ensures smooth turnover and prompt issue handling. Our experienced cleaners maintain impeccable cleanliness, while linen and towel services are available. Customised solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Our strong ties with local tradesmen ensure swift and cost-effective solutions. Trusted relationships prevent overcharging, reflecting their credibility from previous client properties. Property maintenance is crucial for great reviews, attractive photos, increased bookings, and avoiding future costly repairs.

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Hollie Svanberg
Hollie Svanberg
August 10, 2023
Had a great experience with Bee My Guest managing my property whilst I was away. Very professional and would definitely use again - 5*!
August 6, 2023
Alex has been very proactive and helpful in every phase of the accommodation: from booking to check out. Thanks for the very late check in too! Hope to see you soon.
Piero Romoli
Piero Romoli
July 26, 2023
Alex is the best!! He takes his work very seriously and I've never had better experience! He is extremely proactive, helpful, and quick at resolving things. Thanks again!!!
Jessica Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan
July 26, 2023
Would highly recommend these guys - top service!
craig smith
craig smith
July 14, 2023
The service that Alex provides is by far the best I’ve had in London. 10/10 professional and will always communicate with rapid response. Strongly recommended and I will be using Bee My Guest again soon.

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